Your One-Stop Source for Sediment Management

We help you develop sustainable sediment management for your reservoir and accompany you every step of the way. With our experienced partners, we are on hand to conduct environmental studies on water management.

“We offer almost everything. From consultation and project planning to the design, construction and operation of custom equipment and installations, to the appropriate monitoring for operators and environmental agencies."
Thomas Groß, Managing Director, Hülskens Sediments GmbH


Parameter-Driven End-to-End Solution

We take a long-term approach in which the sediment is transported downstream in low concentrations. For near-to-nature regeneration of the sediment budget and restoration of sediment continuity.

The process is fully automated and runs 24/7. It is parameter-driven and can be adapted to local conditions. We continuously measure and document sediment transport, and can make adjustments on the fly.



We offer objective, expert consultation on virtually every sedimentology issue, from sediment load, desedimentation solutions, relocation, sediment transfer, extraction, recycling, and even dumping, which can be extremely expensive. We always look for the best solution for you that is environmentally friendly and cost-efficient.



Our sediment management distinguishes itself through manageable costs, total water preservation, and an environmentally valuable option of restoring the reservoir that is in line with the WRRL. We will develop a sediment management plan that is tailored precisely to the needs of your dam structure. Our mutual goal is to obtain a healthy body of water.



With us as your partner, we work to counteract the siltation of your reservoir. With our innovative technology, we focus on sustainable reservoir management and near-to-nature regeneration of your reservoir's sediment budget. At the same time, we restore your reservoir capacity—all without disrupting your installation thanks to the automated nature of our process. We help you counteract siltation in your reservoir and work with you to achieve near-to-nature regeneration of your reservoir's sediment budget.