Solutions for Reservoir Desedimentation

We clean “naturally”.

Hülskens Sediments GmbH is an expert in reservoir desedimentation technology. We use our know-how, equipment, and control technology for sustainable sedimentation management of operational reservoirs. We work to counteract siltation at dams, reservoirs, and fire suppression ponds and guarantee the sustainable and long-term availability of reservoirs used for water supplies, energy production, flood protection and water level control.

We take into consideration both the environmental requirements of a natural sediment continuity from upstream to downstream with regard to biodiversity and the protection of banks, floodplains, coasts and hydraulic structures as well as the requirements of government authorities. And in all of this, we also keep the operator’s technological and economic interests in mind.

You benefit in several ways: We plan and consult, we design and manufacture tailored suction dredgers/installation equipment, and we execute the entire project from start to finish.

With our very own patented ConSedTrans® system, we guarantee sustainable, automated, locally monitored, controlled and regulated desedimentation with neither impact on performance or ongoing operations, nor the need for additional dump sites. Our approach and field-tested execution in reservoirs of all sizes allows us to offer a natural downstream sediment concentration as well as cost savings, all while avoiding the need for additional transport and use of precious landfill space. Together with our partners, we also offer servicing and/or replacement of installation equipment used in our process (e.g., turbines) to protect against failure from damage or impairment.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Innovative technology: Sediment is monitored and transported downstream in a regulated manner 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without disrupting power production or water extraction.

  • Sustainability: Maximum reservoir utilization for unlimited, unending functionality and restoration of natural river morphology to protect flora, fauna, banks, floodplains and hydraulic structures.
  • Cost efficiency: In situ desedimentation during ongoing operation with no additional transport or dumping costs

  • Top environmental standards: Our patented processes make us the only company to comply with the EU's Water Framework Directive with regard to technical sediment continuity.

Restore your dam's operational value at an affordable price.

Sediment Technology

  • Desedimentation solutions specially designed for water storage areas but also for free-flowing reaches (streams and rivers) facing erosion due to sediment deficits
  • Patented, one-of-a-kind, continuous transport process for reservoirs with sedimentation issues
  • Online documentation during the process and instrumentation for monitoring
  • Our process was nominated for the German Economic Innovation Award in 2015 and the Platts Global Energy Award in 2013

Project Management Services

  • Advice on the best solution for your body of water
  • First-rate project management to get your project done on time and within budget
  • Maintenance services